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Claremont Pack 408 Cub Scouts is a proud group of over 120 young men.  Our scouts participate in a variety of activities as they earn their Cub Scout Badges and as they progress towards becoming a Boy Scout.  Pack 408 welcomes young men in grades 1-5 to join.  Below is the list of current leaders in Cub Scout Pack 408.  For additional information or to make contact with a specific Den Leader, contact the Cubmaster or Assistant Cubmaster or the specific Den Leader below according to the scout's grade level.


2017-2018 Pack Committee Roster

Cubmaster:   Matt Mori
Assistant Cubmaster:   James Sink
Lion (Kindergarten) Den 14 Leader:   Amber Wasson
Tiger (1st grade) Den 8 Leader:   Matt Governanti
Tiger (1st grade) Den 9 Leader:   Debbie Kyle
Wolf (2nd grade) Den 6 Leader:   Walter Faustlin
Wolf (2nd grade) Den 7 Leader:   Kelly Anthony
Wolf (2nd grade) Den 11 Leader:   Christine Akin
Bear (3rd grade) Den 1 Leader:   Ina Necesito
Bear (3rd grade) Den 12 Leader:   Ben Hicks
Webelos (4th grade) Wolverine Patrol Leader:   David Roth
Webelos (4th grade) Yeti Patrol Leader:   Michelle Wayson
Webelos (4th grade) Kraken Patrol Leader:   Amber Wasson
Webelos (4th grade) Falcon Patrol Leader:   Bing Wang
Webelos (4th grade) Flaming Unicorn Patrol Leader:   Christine Savage
Committee Chair:   Brian Dittman
Treasurer:   Raoul Ortega
Secretary:   Juliette Kessler
 Popcorn Kernel/Fundraising Chair:   Peter Li
Membership/Rechartering:   Beth Mideiros
 T-Shirt Coordinator:   Bing Wang
 Webmaster:   Pat Kouwabunpat and Em Arpawong
Chartered Organization:   The Rotary Club of Claremont                             
Chartered Organization Representative:   Ian Standley

New Scouts to Claremont Cub Scout Pack 408 must complete the following documents/forms contained in the links below.  You should also contact one of the appropriate den leaders (grade level) listed above to express your interest in joining Claremont Cub Scouts Pack 408.
1.  BSA Youth Application

2.  Membership Fees Form
     Pack 408 Scout and Parent Information Sheet
     Annual BSA Health and Medical Record  (Part A)
     Informed Consent and Hold Harmless/Release Agreement (Part B)
     Please Review:  Membership Information Form & Pack Committee Roster
3.  Cub Scout Parent Guide
4.  How to Create Your Pack 408 Website Account